Social Health Folder

Twinning solution

advanced digital tools to support integrated care through electronic health recording and tracking

Twinning type

Full adoption

Main policy priority

Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care





Short description

The need to implement the social-health services folder of older persons and of
people with disabilities is linked to the development of activities and services to support them: the folder must be by one side shaped to cater the needs of clients and on the other side simple to be used and understood by the care management. This twinning addresses precisely this challenge through the development of multidimensional assessment tools being as “handy” as possible with a service folder that guarantee contact with users and their families and informs the people involved in the life of the person living inside the Istituto Rittmeyer.
The idea is to rationalize the contacts, narrating activities, to be reserved for most relevant and fundamental activities and to enable accessibility through the web via PC, tablet and smartphone, including user-friendly surface. User data can also be connected and consulted at the bedside, reducing time and risks related to the passage of information.
Finally, the tool must comply with the recently introduced legislation related to the guarantee and protection of privacy data (GPDR).