Digitalisation of healthcare administration and management thanks to DHE twinning

DHE Twinning Social-Health Folder has proved to be a successful example of the dematerialization of medical records, which is an essential step in creating a flow of digital documents to improve health and care services in Europe. 

Instituto Rittmeyer, Italy (twinning adopter) has benefitted from implementing a digital solution for a digitalised environment with touchscreen devices for the nursing and medical documentation thanks to experience and implementation support by Dom Danica Vogrinec, Slovenia (twinning originator).

The twinning between the two organisations has allowed for Instituto Rittmeyer to finally move away from a paper-based management of the patients’ clinical data (folder) to an informatics system able to collect and enclose all the essential information in individual digital social-health folders, comprehensive of the four main areas of relevance: social-health area, social-welfare area, social-rehabilitation area, social-educational area. The cooperation with the Slovenian originator and the passing on of relevant know-how has significantly reduced the effort required take the digitalisation step.

Furthermore, the twinning is of great value for healthcare professionals using the system regularly, since it allows them to manage the medical records productively while being able to access and share the documents and information anytime.

Despite the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 which hindered the organisation and management of the presence activities of the project, the twinning has been successfully launched in June 2021. According to both partners, one of the main success factors is the fact that the twinning originator has already adopted the twinning solution inside its organisation. Thanks to the practical demonstrations, Istituto Rittmeyer had the possibility to verify and understand its real benefits and practicalities.

In light of the full implementation of the digital solution and the transfer of the expertise from the originator, through the twinning Instituto Rittmeyer is now not only able to boost the efficiency of its multidisciplinary team, but also is well connected to the Regional Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Regional Electronic Initial Case Report (EICR), so that the social-health folders provided by the Instituto can be merged with the regional electronic health systems, increasing the relationship and information exchange between them. This way, the Social-Health Folder twinning has become the first step in the fundamental process of creating a steady flow of digital documents with the full legal value.