Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care with a particular focus on the interaction between citizens and healthcare providers

Progress so far

Project partners are ensuring strong stakeholder engagement in this activity.

Progress has been achieved through work at several conferences and workshops. Team representatives attended both the project kick-off meeting in Bonn, Germany (in January 2019), the DHE Blueprint Workshop/eHealth Summit in Lisbon, Portugal (in March 2019), the Joining the Dots, in Brussels, Belgium, (in November2019) and the DHS Summit, in Helsinki, Finland (in December 2019). As a result, the team has worked together with digital health stakeholders in order to support the assessment and evaluation of the scalable good practices (digital solutions).

The team has concentrated its efforts on alignment with the other multi-stakeholder communities to help forge synergies between them.

The Citizen Empowerment multi-stakeholder community has focused on validating different digital solutions that build the relationship and strengthen cooperation between citizens, patients, and healthcare providers.

Further work has been done to involve different stakeholders on individual views and expertise on key subjects, from Interaction between citizens and healthcare providers and citizen empowerment, Implementation of digital health projects, and mHealth quality and certification.

What is next

Links will be created between personas and scalable good practices. At the  Blueprint Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, in March 2019, the project stakeholders examined six personas that illustrate various patient contexts: they form the basis for future work. This team will select up to three personas for use in the assessment/evaluation stage of DHE. Until August 2019, team members will help to develop the assessment/evaluation criteria for the scalable good practices identified by DHE.

There are a number of initiatives upcoming in summer and autumn 2019. EPF will reach out to its member organisations to identify people interested in providing feedback on the good practices. A panel of experts will be set up to contribute to the work done in the Citizen Empowerment multi-stakeholder community and a Roundtable will be held.