Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care with a particular focus on the interaction between citizens and healthcare providers

What it is

The citizen empowerment multi-stakeholder community targets digital solutions that build the relationship and strengthen cooperation between citizens, patients, and healthcare providers.

The activities aim at a holistic, person-centred, equitable, quality care model enabled by digital tools regardless of gender, age or ethnic origin. The identified and validated solutions are also applicable to fields such as personalised medicine and ‘omics. Ultimately, the community has also developed an empowerment roadmap for healthcare providers and larger scale healthcare ecosystems so that they can use digital solutions to provide better care for patients.


The catalogue of 65 digital solutions with high potential of scalability and replicability have been collected according to the three priorities of the Digital Transformation of Health and Care (DTHC): (i) citizens’ secure access, (ii) better data and (iii) citizen empowerment. Solutions under this priority has constituted the basis for the activities carried out by the citizen empowerment community.
The roadmap outlines the components of empowerment particularly at organisational level to improve the interaction between patients and healthcare professionals and actors of the healthcare system including authorities and the industry whilst increasing trust and confidence and digital tools. The White Paper elaborates on the issues described in the roadmap.