DigitalHealthEurope Twinning Results

As part of the DigitalHealthEurope Twinning Scheme, two Calls for Twinnings have been successfully organised in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The first call was open between 14 June and 7 August, 2019. A second call was launched on 26 February and closed on 22 May 2020. As a result of the two calls, 25 twinning applications were awarded funding.

Participation in the Twinning Scheme was open to regional government bodies and health and care providers, as well as organisations legally affiliated with them. Interested parties had the opportunity to partner up as adopters and originators of innovative solutions. Based on the complexity of envisioned twinning activities, submissions were divided into the following types:

  • Full adoption (10 winning tenders)
  • Partial adoption (9 winning tenders)
  • Knowledge exchange and training (6 winning tenders)

Twinning implementation has been ongoing since September 2019. Of the winning tenders, 9 involve more than one adopter. Most tenders are focused on digital tools for citizen empowerment and person-centred care. In total, 76 organisations from 20 countries became involved in the adoption and transfer of innovative solutions between European regions through the DHE Twinning scheme.