AI 4 MultimorbidityConditions

Twinning solution

Software solution for cognitive stimulation and training for elderly

Twinning type

Full adoption

Main policy priority

Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care


FollowHealth SL (Spain)


Centro Clínico Académico – Braga, Associação (2CA-Braga, Portugal)

Short description

In this twinning solution, a digital health company from Spain and a state-owned hospital from Portugal come together to put into use an AI system capable of monitoring and predicting future relapses of patients suffering from multimorbidity conditions, which are a large and growing segment in the world population and require the attention of different medical specialists given the uniqueness of their particular conditions. The system consists of a remote monitoring platform and an integrated AI prediction algorithm. The project will start with a needs analysis in order to identify which variables need to be controlled, and how the platform needs to be personalized. Then, the population will start to be monitored with the humanITcare platform in order to gather all crucial information. Data from the EHR will be also collected to have a bigger picture of the patient’s journey. Once all the gathered data have been validated in a unified clinical format, the data analysis will start to develop the AI algorithm able to predict acute events in the coming months. What is remarkable about this partnership is that the product is specially tailored to multimorbid patients.
Therefore, patients will feel more empowered and understood, whereas doctors benefit by being able to anticipate disease outbreaks and development in an improved way.


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