DHE twinning AI4MultimorbidityConditions will enable better and faster clinical decisions for patients with multimorbidities

The DHE Twinning AI4MultimorbidityConditions aims to go one step further into preventive medicine.

The co-occurrence of several chronic conditions, known as multimorbidity, is significantly increasing all around the world. Given the uniqueness of their particular conditions, patients with multimorbidity require the attention of different healthcare professionals and approaches that could properly manage their care and provide individual treatment.

The DHE twinning AI4MultimorbidityConditions brings together FollowHealth (Spain) and 2CA-Braga (Portugal). Acting as the twinning originator, Followhealth is transferring their best practice to  the adopter 2CA-Braga, an Academic Clinical Center which aims at monitoring elderly patients with multimorbidities to alert about significant changes in their health evolution while using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform called humanITcare.

Components of the HumanITcare platform

The twinning is designed enable 2CA-Braga to make better and faster clinical decisions, collecting all the real-life data and thus reducing costs and time both for medical professionals and patients. The innovative solution consists of a digital platform that includes several technological components: a smartphone app, which collects data of the patients, smart devices like wearables and medical devices that can be connected via Bluetooth to the patient’s app, a cloud server that stores the patients’ data, and a web portal made for medical professionals to set up the program’s settings. With the implemented solution, all crucial information of daily data from patients is recorded and automatically sent to the professionals in real-time. As a result, AI algorithms are then applied to remotely monitor the symptoms and to convert data into medical knowledge relevant to each condition.

HumanITcare has already shown great potential while saving up to 10 hours per patient per week with 98% of the accuracy of treatment. The proposed solution could significantly improve using of patients’ data in advance research and disease prevention, making European healthcare more personalised and contribute to the engagement and adherence of citizens.

The AI4MultimorbidityConditions twinning is currently underway. More information about its progress can be found here.