Twinning solution

Software solution for evaluating patients’ reflexes necessary to drive

Twinning type

Partial adoption

Main policy priority

Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care





Short description

Driving skills are a set of paradigmatic cognitive functions of the entire cognitive state of the patient. Therefore, an assessment of the possible reduction of these abilities allows not only detailed instructions to patients regarding the possibility of driving motor vehicles but also a possible neurocognitive rehabilitation of the patients to be calibrated in a personal way.
The idea of the twinning adopter is to use the SafeDrive App on patients taking opioids for chronic pain and on all those who may have neurocognitive alterations for any reason of pathology or therapy in order to evaluate the reflexes necessary to drive. As a result, the app assesses a person’s performance, considering the visual and auditory reflexes. Thanks to the digital solution it will be possible to remotely monitor the status of patients, activating a path of neurocognitive rehabilitation in case the software registers several times the failure of the test. The twinning will improve the social, work, and family reintegration of users who take opioid medications and may also increase the safety on the streets of all those who participate.


Twinning activities

To search for the most suitable and competitive software house, twinning personnel searched for and contacted numerous software houses by phone. Quotes were requested to the three software houses that had the most suitable features. After receiving the three quotes, the twinning personnel analysed them and checked which software house offered the required services in accordance with the budget. The software house created the website and the app, Android version and Apple version.


The contribution made it possible to develop the software necessary to follow the tests carried out by patients remotely, combined with an APP to be installed on the patient’s smartphone. The app collects the data and communicates them to the platform. Staff can access data and continuously monitor progress, sending personalized notifications to users when needed.

Added value and benefits

The added value / benefit expected from the twinning has been achieved. In fact, the platform is working and the dissemination phase has already shown enthusiasm among the public.

Barriers and success factors

The key to success is for us the ability to collect and combine many different ideas to achieve a common goal. Each person has different professionalism and background and brings useful information. The SafeDrive project based on co-production is an example of this. The barriers to twinning can be the diversity of the various countries that collaborate (for example different legislation, different language, different needs) which, however, can be overcome with a minimum of effort.


The goal is to consolidate this program with the two institutes, and then, through various dissemination actions, to stimulate the application of this program in the other Italian and Croatian institutions.