Kwido Mementia

Twinning solution

software solution specially designed for cognitive stimulation and training for elderly

Twinning type

Full adoption

Main policy priority

Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care


Ideable Solutions (Spain)


Fundatia Ana Aslan International (Ana Aslan International Foundation) (Romania)

Short description

Dementia and moderate cognitive impairment are two of the most common geriatric neuro-degenerative syndromes and challenges faced by citizens at all Member Sates of the EU. 10,5 million people suffer from Dementia – a number expected to increase dramatically especially among the elderly population. Kwido Mementia is a disruptive and innovative software solution specially designed for cognitive stimulation and training for adults above 65 years old, based on the combination of cognitive training and games trough new technologies such as a dedicated app and virtual reality. Kwido Mementia offers a disruptive and innovative solution, focus on attention, calculation, executive functions, language, memory and orientation. The aim of this project is to combat cognitive impairment and dementia at patients who attend on daily basis day care centers and that will be able to continue some of these therapies at home. The Ana Aslan International Foundation is a leading non-profit Research, Education and high-profile medical services organization, with special expertise in Aging and Brain Aging aiming to to reach more than 25,000 citizens in a three-year-period after the twinning implementation.


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