Twinning solution

Improving the quality of life of epileptic patients through improved patient-doctor-communication

Twinning type

Partial adoption

Main policy priority

Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care


AICRUM IT SL (formerly OXIFRAME) (Spain)


Greek Carers Network EPIONI (Greece), SYNDESIS LTD (Greece)

Short description

Epilepsy is a prevalent disease within neurological pathologies and affects 0.7 – 1% of the general population. At least half of the patients with epilepsy are young and active. These patients need regular follow-ups with hospital Neurology services or Epilepsy Units. In Murcia (Spain) waiting list for successive appointments in the doctor’s office is an average of 6-9 months. The number of unexpected (emergency) visits is also high, 1.7 per day. EPICO stands for Epilepsy Communication Channel and aims at overcoming these challenges by better managing this disease and providing tools for the doctors to better understand their patients and their epilepsy disorder. The final goal is to reduce the number of epileptic crises and emergency consultations related to epilepsy. The twinning proposal focuses on the partial adoption of EPICO in one Hospital in Greece through the iwelli platform (clinic.iwelli.com) developed by Syndesis Ltd that offers integrated care services in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to assess the potential full adoption of the service in Greece.


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Barriers and success factors

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