Supporting demand and supply for scaling up digital health and care solutions

This brochure presents the strategic, technical, and operational barriers that necessitate mobilisation of investments towards the implementation at scale of person-centred care solutions. In addition, it offers recommendations for European organisations to overcome such barriers and help mobilise investments in person-centred health and care at a local, regional, and national level across the EU.

This document presents an overview of the barriers and enablers to the implementation at scale of digital person-centred health and care solutions and the need to mobilise investments, by focusing on both the demand side (policymakers, healthcare providers, patients/citizens, insurers, etc.) and the supply side (large companies, start-ups and SMEs, researchers, etc.). The analysis was carried out as part of the DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) project and is the result of in-depth interviews and a semi-structured online survey with 35 respondents from 14 EU countries representing the relevant stakeholders.