Expert Roundtables on health data sharing and use – Summary of discussions

The DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) project conducted in the first half of 2021 three expert roundtables (RTs) dedicated to the topics of

(1) Legal challenges in health data use (RT1),

(2) Health data standards and interoperability (RT2), and

(3) Cloud technology in health data (RT3).

Two workshops each were conducted on legal challenges and interoperability and one workshop focused on cloud technology. Each workshop was attended by experts from related fields to discuss the issues at hand, map the scene, identify crucial points and gaps and think about innovative measures to tackle the identified challenges. The experts identified, inter alia, the need to clearly define crucial terms such as health data; the importance to empower and engage citizens, to activate them as change agents and to include them in regulatory processes; and to consider common principles and enforce consistent standards. In the following, a short introduction to the RT workshops, as well as the main findings are outlined.