EHDS: primary use of health data - infrastructure governance

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Citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders





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In 2021, the Commission intends to undertake actions through contracts following public procurement (call for tenders and use of existing framework contracts) or administrative arrangements (including service level agreements, co-delegations and memoranda of understanding) with other Commission services (e.g. JRC, DIGIT) or European bodies (e.g. European Environmental Agency) to support priorities in the following thematic areas. The actions under this thematic section have as objectives: (a) the management and governance support to eHealth DSI Member States Expert Group and the eHealth Operational Management Board and the management of eHDSI Solution Provider team; (b) the design and continuous improvement of eHDSI requirements and specifications as well as the operation and continuous improvement of eHDSI core configuration and terminology services; (c) the continuous improvement and support to the NCPeH Reference implementation used by most of the NCPeHs to enable cross-border health care information services and the continuous improvement and operationalization of the test and audit (compliance check) frameworks; (d) the orchestration of eHDSI communities of practice; (e) proving NCPeH compliance with the eHDSI requirements to conclude on potential risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of health data; (f) by using a twinning approach, to support Member States in the development and/or improvement of their own digital health strategies at national level. Support exchange of best practices; (g) support for the managed operations, maintenance of software and on boarding support for Member States in the context of the European Federation Gateway Service for contact tracing and warning apps. The expected results are increased safety and quality of care throughout the Union and an enlargement of the geographical coverage of the eHDSI so that all Member States can start cross-border exchanges of health data. In addition, it will result in an increased Member States’ capacity to develop national digital health strategies and as a follow-up to implement and increase the capacity to perform digital transformation of national health services. Within this thematic area, the Commission plans to launch open procedures for a) a service contract for supporting Member States to improve their capacities in the field of digital health; b) a framework contract for IHE support to EHDSI test activities.