Direct grants to Member States’ authorities: enlargement of the geographic coverage and scope of the MyHealth@EU Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI)

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Citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders





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POLICY CONTEXT There is a need to set up national contact points for eHealth (NCPeH) in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Romania. It will broaden the scope and the number of Member States and EEA countries associated to the Programme included in the eHDSI network. The award of a direct grant as referred to in Article 13(5) of the Regulation 2021/522 is duly justified because this action can only be carried out by Member States authorities that have the required competence and responsibility to implement the Union policies at national level. The action supports the development of the EHDS and the use of health data for the provision of healthcare. It implements the EU4Health Programme’s general objective of strengthening health systems (Article 3, point (d)) through the specific objectives defined in Article 4, point (f) of Regulation (EU) 2021/522. Moreover, the EU Digital COVID certificate has increased the availability of health data in digital form (including vaccination, test results and medical problems). OBJECTIVES, SCOPE AND ACTIVITIES This action will allow, from newly participating Member States, to aggregate the patient information from the national electronic health records or other infrastructure and share it across the border. It will also broaden the coverage of ePrescriptions and patient summaries in Member States that have not currently this system in place. This action will allow Member States to apply for: (a) the setting up of the NCPeH and start exchanging the ePrescriptions and/or patient summaries (including vaccination data etc.); (b) adding newly available services to the existing NCPeH; (c) deploying new services (medical images and image reports, laboratory results, hospital discharge letters), as original clinical documents or as structured data services. EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACT This action will make eHDSI available in more countries and for more citizens in the Union. The new service will increase the type of Health data being exchanged across borders and add value to the continuity of care. It will facilitate cross-border healthcare and contribute to achieving a high level of trust and security, enhancing continuity of care and ensuring access to safe and high-quality healthcare.