THE DHE DIGEST #7 is OUT! DHE Summit follow-up

The DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) Digest #7 is now available at !

The seventh and last edition of the  DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) Digest summarises the outcomes of the DHE Summit. Held on 28-30 September 2021, the event attracted over 500 participants from throughout Europe and beyond.

The 12 sessions held during the three days of the DHE Summit offered a platform for vibrant expert discussions around a number of important issues. They covered on-the-ground digital transformation experiences, health data sharing governance models, federated systems, citizen empowerment, European Health Data Space, and many other topics. The digest covered each day of the Summit in a nutshell as well featured the video explaining what DHE has achieved over its 33 months of action.

Lastly, the digest highlighted other Digital Health Europe platforms, namely DHE twitter account, and DHE Forum.

During its course of action, DHE has produced seven news digests. Each edition was devoted to one or two highlight topics and included short updates about other project progress. Below is a short overview of digests and a link to each of them:

Digest #1: DHE twinnings

Digest #2: Digitally empowered patients

Digest #3: Digital health literacy

Digest #4: DHE roundtables

Digest #5: DHE EHDS recommendations

Digest #6: DHE Summit and Knowledge Tree

Digest #7: DHE Summit follow-up