THE DHE DIGEST #4 is OUT! The DHE Roundtables

The DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) Digest #4 is now available at !

The fourth edition of the DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) Digest features the roundtable meetings which were conducted in December 2020 and March 2021. These meetings focused on legal and interoperability challenges of health data use and on cloud technology. In each workshop, experts were invited to share their expertise to discuss the issue at stake. The digest issue informs about the roundtables, their topics and aims, and highlights the key strands of discussion.

The roundtables are workshops dedicated to the three topics of (1) legal challenges in using health data, (2) health data standards and interoperability and (3) cloud technology in health data. Two workshops each were conducted on legal challenges and interoperability, and one workshop focused on cloud technology. Each workshop was attended by experts from related fields to discuss the issue at hand, map the scene, identify crucial points and think about innovative measures to tackle the identified challenges. Out of the three issues discussed in the roundtables, well-formulated and concise recommendations are being distilled. They relate to the European Commission’s 2018 Communication on the Digital Transformation of Health and Care in the Digital Single MarketAt the end of the DHE project, they will be presented to the European Commission.

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