DHE Digests: Each issue in a nutshell

During the course of its action, the Digital Health Europe (DHE) project has produced numerous valuable outputs, including white papers and recommendations, the DHE forum, collection of useful resources for people working in the field of digital transformation of healthcare. One of the outputs was also newsletters, called Digests.

Altogether, DHE has produced seven Digests. Each edition was devoted to one or two highlight topics and included short updates about other project progress. Below is a brief overview of which edition focused on what topic:

Digest #1: DHE twinnings

Digest #2: Digitally empowered patients

Digest #3: Digital health literacy

Digest #4: DHE roundtables

Digest #5: DHE EHDS recommendations

Digest #6: DHE Summit and Knowledge Tree

Digest #7: DHE Summit follow-up