DHE at HIMSS Health 2.0: Twinning schemes offer a great way to build capacity

On 11-13 June 2019, DigitalHealthEurope partners, including EHTEL , participated in the HIMSS Health 2.0 conference in Helsinki. The event featured capacity building as one of its highlighted topics.

The concept of capacity and capability building plays a new role in the digital transformation of health and care in Europe today. The effective translation of digital health policy into practice requires building, maintaining and improving the necessary capacity, especially at a local level.  Establishing a capacity building framework reliant on knowledge sharing and value-based healthcare leadership is an important supportive activity in DigitalHealthEurope.

EHTEL General Secretary, Marc LANGE, concluded his talk on the subject of capacity building at HIMSS Health 2.0 by emphasising:

To build capacity in digital health, everyone needs a toolkit. Some tools still need to be tried and tested. Yet there are already some very exciting tools publicly available in Europe.

DigitalHealthEurope illustrates this argument really well. The project has just organised the DigitalHealthEurope Call for Twinnings. Furthermore, the DigitalHealthEurope consortium is working to compile a collection of good practice evidence that will be available as an online resource. The twinning activities resulting from the DigitalHealthEurope Call for Twinnings will be guided by the capacity building framework developed within the project.

Through its use of these new and emerging tools, DigitalHealthEurope contributes to Europe’s great set of assets and resources for ensuring greater capacity and enabling scaling-up in digital health.