Planning and Evaluating Remote Consultation Services

PERCS has 7 domains—the reason for consulting, the patient, the clinical relationship, the home and family, technologies, staff, the healthcare organization, and the wider system—and considers how these domains interact and evolve over time as a complex system. It focuses attention on the organisation’s digital maturity and digital inclusion efforts.

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Clinical/Care context

Rehabilitation unit


Healthcare provider, Companies, Policy makers, Researchers

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Service, Organisational


Trisha Greenhalgh, Rebecca Rosen, Sara E. Shaw, Richard Byng, Stuart Faulkner, Teresa Finlay, Emily Grundy, Laiba Husain, Gemma Hughes, Claudia Leone, Lucy Moore, Chrysanthi Papoutsi, Catherine Pope, Sarah Rybczynska-Bunt, Alexander Rushforth, Joseph Wherton, Sietse Wieringa and Gary W. Wood