Collaboration platform

The concept behind the collaboration platforms is adopted from the 3C collaboration model developed by Borghoff and Schlichter that describes “Cooperation, Communication and Coordination as the main challenges for the members in a collaborative group” (Borghoff & Schlichter, 2000). Cooperation is the joint work production and completion of tasks, supported by tools such as joint document storage and repositories, wikis and notes keeping systems. Communication includes efficient exchange of information and negotiation of commitments via emails, instant messaging, discussion lists, and video- or phone conferences. Coordination enables people, activities and resources to be managed, leading to better communication and cooperation (e.g. staff and project management tools, scheduling tools, and the like). These tools will be adopted to ensure functional collaboration. The objectives of each collaboration platform are to identify relevant stakeholders and initiatives, engage with them to analyse key challenges and solutions related to each DTHC priority, elaborate common strategic agendas and commitments for action.