Population Risk Stratification


Population Risk Stratification
Deployment of Stratification methods in the Basque Country



Application area

Tools for identifying risk groups and evalute healthcare resources


Within the Basque Country healthcare system, a customized version of the Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) Predictive Model is used for risk stratification (RS). To stratify by use of healthcare resources allows identifying and selecting target populations that may benefit from specific programs of action. The RS model is based on diagnoses, socio-demographic data, pharmacy data, prior health care utilization, and socio-economic data. Currently work is being carried out to develop mechanisms to perform a periodic evaluation and optimization of the RS model, and to improve the tool enabling data collection in a more regular basis.

Target group

Hospitals, Primary care centres, Specialised physicians, General practitioners, Nurses, Regional public authorities, Integrated Healthcare organisations



Dolores Verdoy, dverdoy@kronikgune(dot)org