TeleHomeCare Project

TeleHomeCare Project is proposed as a technological support already structured the activities of home care with the main objective to affect favorably on the reduction of re-hospitalization rate and improving the quality of care at the patient’s home, also validating new telemedicine models applied for diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for the management of chronicity.
Patients, opportunely selected, are followed by their family doctors with by telemonitoring using the innovative technological instruments H@H Hospital at Home, able to detect the main clinical and instrumental parameters in addition to the therapeutic administration, based on oxygen and bronco-aspiration.
The telemedicine project are to implement a new type of monitoring of the patients who suffering of chronic diseases, based on continuous collaboration and patient monitoring, by different professionals and different users.
TeleHomeCare includes the following main objectives:
•Reduce the number of patients with heart disease, Chronic Diseases and Diabetes in the process of instability;
•Reduce hospitalization and re-hospitalization;
• Activate protected de-hospitalization;
• Optimize the therapy and diagnosis according to international guidelines;
•To promote the integrated management of Hospital and Territory;
• Evaluate the satisfaction of the doctor, caregiver and patient;
1. Primary end point
Check the possible use of technological devices for telemedicine within integrated management models between hospital and territory about chronic diseases with high social impact, in order to improve its management and to facilitate the integration between specialists and doctors.
2. Secondary end point
• Reduce the number of admissions;
• Reducing hospital stays;
• Activate protected resignation.

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Policy Priorities
Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care
General practitioners, Home care centres, Hospitals, Informal caregivers, Local public authorities, Nurses, Primary care centres, Private companies, Small-sized industry (10-49 employees), Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
Local level
Total Budget
€100,000 – €499,999
Available upon request
People reached
1,000 – 9,999