Personal Assistant for a healthy Lifestyle (PAL)

The project aims at a Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle (PAL) that assists the child, health professional and parent to advance the self-management of children with type 1 diabetes aged 7 – 14, so that an adequate shared patient-caregiver responsibility for child’s diabetes regimen is established before adolescence. The PAL system is composed of a social robot, its (mobile) avatar, and an extendable set of (mobile) health applications (diabetes diary, educational quizzes, sorting games, etc.), which all connect to a common knowledge-base and reasoning mechanism. The robot and avatar act as a child’s pal or companion, whereas health professionals and parents are supported by, respectively, an Authoring & Control and a Monitor & Inform tool. The PAL-project will assess the benefits of the behavioural change on patients’ health conditions, and the profits for the caregivers in longitudinal field experiments. The consortium provides the required network, expertise and tools for this research: (a) a knowledge-driven co-design methodology and tool, (b) medical, human factors and technical expertise, (c) end-user participation and (d) initial PAL building-blocks.

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Policy Priorities
Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care
Academia, Advocacy organisations others, Informal caregivers, Patient, Research centres, Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
European level
Total Budget
€1M – €5M
Available upon request
People reached