Patient Reported Measures (PRMs) Program

The Agency for Clinical INnovation (ACI) PRMs Program is working with interested sites around NSW to build capacity and infrastructure to capture and use PRMs routinely in their clinical setting. These sites are diverse and include GP practice settings, outreach settings, outpatient and inpatient hospital settings.
As an interim solution, the ACI has invested in the ‘REDCap’ program and developed a web-based PRM Portal to support the electronic collection and reporting of PRMs. The Portal is using the REDCap software created by Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, USA) and allows people to complete PRMs on a tablet device at home or in the waiting room before their clinical appointment.
For the PROMs, a summary report is immediately available to view via the same portal to use in the clinical consultation.
As the PREMs information provided is anonymous (cannot be linked back to the person who provided the feedback), the ACI PRM team provides monthly summary reports for the participating services.

The overall aim of the program is to enable people to provide direct and timely feedback to healthcare providers about what matters most to them – the theory of change is through completing PRMs electronically, the reports are available in real-time to care providers who can then spend more time during consults focusing on what matters most and tailoring care and treatment – time is maximised and enables a broader holistic approach

Targeted population and stakeholders: People living with chronic and complex conditions, across care settings for the initial proof-of-concept PRM program, focusing on integrated care (across care settings – hospital, community, general practice). Stakeholders including anyone with an interest in PRMs (clinicians, managers, executives, consumers, carers) and those interested in finding out the key challenges and enablers of committing to a true co-design process to implement, evaluate and build a robust system to collect PRMs electronically.

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