ERS provides the Health Data Management System (HDMS) to process all clinical, administrative and research related data such as data from devices at home, data from clinical decision support services and data from questionnaires. The iEHR-Suite supports Open Data for Clinical and Population Research, uses highly structured data and is fully model driven.

iEHR-Suite includes a configurable rules editor and rules engine to create ‘intelligent’ screens and provide Clinical Decision Support Services. In an automated way, using these structured data specifications, data entry screens, the data base schema and Application Program Interfaces (API’s) are generated. This results in a very flexible EHR-system that can be configured in a controlled and standardized way to support users. It can be adapted for all Clinical Pathway’s.
a cost-effective, flexible and web-based Electronic Health Record system,
· supporting generic continuity of care and clinical pathways with
· capabilities for Clinical and Population research via re-use Clinical Data using:
· Electronic Data Capture Forms (application) and questionnaire generation,
· integration with commercial sensors, devices, games and
· intelligent Decision Support Systems with access to normalised patient data
· all supporting (self-)treatment of patients at home in a monitored manner by the care giver.

iEHR-Suite can be used for:
· p-Health, because it supports tailor-made and adaptive treatment of patients at home and
· m-Health, because mobile sensing devices are integrated and
· e-Health, because of the integration with EHR-system(s) and supporting research. ERS makes use of common state of the art industry standards and capabilities of off-the-shelf solutions of Microsoft for implementing ISO/CEN/HL7 standards related to the EHR.

The iEHR-Suite is used in the PATHway project (, an EU H2020 project.

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Policy Priorities
Citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders
Day care centres, General practitioners, Home care centres, Hospitals, Patient, Primary care centres, Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
European level
Total Budget
€0 – 9,999
Available upon request
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