ICT4Life platform supports integrated care processes for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases joining all actors involved in care: patient, caregivers (formal & informal) and professionals (health & social) supporting a better care coordination and integration between them through the use of the different devices provided (mobile apps, web and smartTV), which improves the continuity of care in chronic diseases.
It offers services to patient and caregivers to improve their Quality of Life and empowerment by supporting increased knowledge of the disease and the treatments, personalized training and reminders and alerts which targets a higher feeling of safety and control of patients and caregivers supporting patients to live longer and independently at home.
It includes communication services between patients, caregivers and professionals, reducing isolation feelings from some people living alone and providing continuous support in case of adverse events. This contributes in turn to face emergency needs and, as a consequence, to decrease hospital stay duration and the hospital admission.
The ICT4Life platform incorporates home care sensorial services. Data collected from the sensors is a reliable source of information about the patient’s health status in clinical practice. Sensors monitoring allows early detection of risky situations, facilitating personalised treatment and improved better health outcomes for the patient.

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Policy Priorities
Better data to promote research, disease prevention and personalised health and care
Academia, Advocacy organisations patients/users, Day care centres, General practitioners, Home care centres, Hospitals, International/European public authorities, Local public authorities, NGOs, Nurses, Nursing homes, Primary care centres, Regional public authorities, Research centres, Small-sized industry (10-49 employees), Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
Regional level
Total Budget
€1M – €5M
Available upon request
People reached
10,000 – 99,999