ICT solution for patient empowerment and self-management for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (ProEmpower)

Competitive development of ICT solutions for self-management of diabetes mellitus patients as part of the ProEmpower PCP (https://proempower-pcp.eu/). The PCP is in ist third and final stage, with two solutions being piloted in the four procurer regions with 400 patients. The solutions covers the following areas:
– Early detection: allowing for identification of persons with undiagnosed diabetes type 2 using existing relevant patient data.
– Patient-professional co-ordination: collaboration between the patient and the professionals through a shared care plan that includes relevant patient data and can be used to schedule alerts, set goals and track progress, and facilitate mutual decision making.
– Personal decision support: enhancing medical decisions by personalised decision support tools that summarise patient clinical characteristics, treatment preference and ancillary data at the point of care.
– Comprehensive diabetes training offer: providing comprehensive training to diabetic patients in accordance with the procurers’ current training programmes. This includes laying out a training strategy and approach and the related content and development of appropriate delivery methods (eLearning, blended learning, video, audio, etc.). Most importantly it should aim at developing the confidence and skills for patient self-management.
– Glucose control loop: collecting, storing and analysing different parameters to provide comprehensive information and advice and effectively manage the patients’ diabetes. Especially relevant are factor influencing blood glucose levels like stress, carbohydrate intake and activity allowing to predict glucose levels.
– Healthy lifestyle: educating and motivating patients about healthier lifestyle with diabetes
– Self-help and peer support: offering an environment (platform) for patients and professionals to exchange information and connect socially

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Policy Priorities
Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care
Academia, General practitioners, Hospitals, Informal caregivers, Medium-sized industry (50-249 employees), Nurses, Patient, Primary care centres, Private companies, Regional public authorities, Small-sized industry (10-49 employees), Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
National level
Total Budget
€1M – €5M
Available upon request
People reached
250 – 999