Home mobile system to early detect functional decline to prevent and manage frailty

Designed a home monitoring system to early detect changes in the functional capacity. With a user-centred approach working together with geriatricians, geriatric nurses, psychologists, and frail people. Each version was tested with them to create an improved new version, until requirements were met. Technically, they evaluated the accuracy of sensors and algorithms towards the current standard at the hospital. For the user tests, they used usability and acceptability tests as System Usability Scale (SUS).
Results: The resulted system consists of a set of ultrasound sensors, a weight scale; anda mobile application that receives, processes and sends the data to the hospital. The sensors monitored the gait speed (along 2.4 meters), and the chair stand test. Clinicians monitor patients’ functional status and react based on the received data.
In total, 57 elderly users participated in the evaluation, with an average age of 80 years; 54.8% were women. Out of them, 49 technically tested the sensors’ accuracy. Error in the sensor measures is below the deviation when manually measured by professionals. Final version was validated with 8 elderly at their homes with very positive results: SUS of 84.06%, and acceptability results of 80%. In addition, 3 clinical professionals reported a SUS of 91.67%.
Discussions: There is an existing gap in home monitoring systems that are done with and for frail elderly. Thanks to co-creation our solution meets the real needs of this target population. Traditionally, telemedicine systems failed due to lack of adoption, which is highly correlated to low levels of usability and acceptability. Then, it is essential that usability and acceptability lead the system design.

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