GTP – The Generic Telemedicine Platform

The Generic Telemedicine Platform (GTP) is an information sharing platform, which makes it possible to improve and strengthen cross sectorial communication and collaboration, Health data is gathered through sensory devices, home monitoring devices and/or personal patient reported outcomes (PRO-data) and thereafter distributed using the GTP. The platform is generic and therefore provides the opportunity to quickly and budget friendly initiate new pilot projects. GTP can collect home monitoring, sensory- and patient reported outcome data and display it in a standardized and recognizable manner making it useful for health sector staff in getting a complete overview of the patient and using it in making treatment plans. Data collected in the homes of the citizens will be visible through the GTP for all relevant partners involved in the treatment of the patient since hospital, municipalities and general practitioners all have access to the same information. Furthermore, GTP makes it possible to meet some of the standards in Denmark and the rest of Europe that are required for the health care system of the future. GTP is integrated to the health information system of the Region of Southern Denmark, which makes it possible to go from project idea to testing quickly without making the clinicians use a different system.

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Policy Priorities
Citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders
General practitioners, Hospitals, Informal caregivers, Local public authorities, Patient
Geographical Scope
National level
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Available upon request
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