DECI (Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion)

DECI is a European project aimed at improving the independent living for elderly people at home, affected by Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Mild Dementia (MD), through use of digital technologies. It examines whether an ICT-based organisational model as well as ICT-supported cognitive and physical training improves cognitive function, quality of life and promotes independent living for these patients.
The DECI Solution is a digital integrated care management platform that supports coordination among all caregivers, the patient and his family. It has been populated by simple questionnaires and cognitive games. Interfaced with it is a platform for physical training/activity coaching and health monitoring as well as a smart watch system that measures distance, steps, falls and mobility. The patient has a dashboard that enables him to see his schedule of activities, send messages, access educational articles, activate the physical training module, activate the cognitive games and activate the activity monitoring module. Patients can contact clinical personnel through the DECI platform. Clinicians and Caregivers have their own dashboard that enables them to see and monitor the patient’s activities.

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Policy Priorities
Better data to promote research, disease prevention and personalised health and care
Academia, General practitioners, Hospitals, Informal caregivers, International/European public authorities, NGOs, Patient, Primary care centres, Private companies, Regional public authorities, Research centres, Specialised physicians
Geographical Scope
European level
Total Budget
€1M – €5M
Available upon request
People reached
250 – 999