Healthlord (HL) Pharmacy

Twinning solution

Medication adherence and polypharmacy management

Twinning type

Partial adoption

Main policy priority

Better data to promote research, disease prevention and personalised health and care


Gospodar zdravja d.o.o. (Slovenia)


Fundación para la Formación e Investigación de los Profesionales de la Salud de Extremadura (Spain)

Short description

HL Pharmacy’s goal is to support pharmacists in conducting their specific tasks such as medicines’ use review and pharmaceutical care for patients with chronic diseases. The solution represents a platform where on the one hand pharmacists are provided with tools to conduct their health services more efficiently, on the other hand, it supports patients in their treatment. The solution thus provides empowering mechanism for the patients to improve chronic disease prevention respectively self-management and facilitates impact throughout the healthcare system by improving treatment adherence with the help of structured big data.
Within the frame of the twinning project, the adopter will receive a standard operating procedure (SOP) which includes organizational, technical, and financial analysis of a) status of pharmaceutical care (Pcare) services of pharmacists in the healthcare system, b) organization of community pharmacies (CPs), c) condition and interoperability of ePrescription systems and c) condition and interoperability of EHR systems. The experiences from Extremadura will also be presented to other interested regions.


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Added value and benefits

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Barriers and success factors

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