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About Twinnings

What are twinnings?

Twinnings are a mechanism for facilitating the transfer and implementation of digitally-enabled innovative practices from one region to another. The approach has been successfully tested in a number of EU projects and studies, including the ScaleAHA study.

The region that offers the innovation is called originator, and the implementing region is the adopter. In some cases, an external facilitator may be needed. Funded activities include the ventures needed to carry out the twinning (e.g. organising hosting meetings or technical groups, and financing travel expenses, licenses, or fees for professional services). Twinnings will typically last for a whole year.

Aim: to de-risk investment in digital innovative ICT solutions by financing the exchange of knowledge and good practice in digital health solutions with high potential for replicability and scaling up

Roles: originator & adopter of the innovative practice, facilitator

Funding scope: activities necessary to carry out the twinnings (e.g. hosting meetings, technical groups, travel expenses, licenses, fees for professional services not covered)

Timeframe: typically up to one year

Format: twinning applications; award contracts with agreed activities and deliverables; regular reporting