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DigitalHealthEurope - Blueprint Workshop at the eHealth Summit in Lisbon, Portugal

Venue: PT Meeting Center; Room TBC

Wednesday 20th March 2019


Future European investments and efforts in the digital transformation of healthcare need to prioritise the most useful and practically achievable solutions and information flows, for the benefit of citizens. The EC has published an important Communication on Digital Transformation of Health and Care, with endorsement of all Member States-
This defines three priority areas:

  1. citizen access to data,
  2. better data for use in research, personalised medicine and public health, and
  3. digital tools for citizen empowerment.

This workshop will utilise audience expertise and opinions to help to define and choose the highest priority use cases within each of these three areas, which investments should focus on. The workshop convenors will summarise the EC Communication, and present some example use cases that illustrate how enhanced digital solutions and data communication could improve citizen health, healthcare services, personalised medicine, public health and research. To seek consensus we will utilise a portfolio of personas that were developed by the Blueprint partners, and a series of prioritisation criteria.

  • The workshop on 20th March 2019 will feature the “Blueprint for Digital Transformation of Health and Care” work:The twelve personas representing the health and care needs of focused population groups that have been developed by the Blueprint partners (see especially pp13-24).
  • The focus will be on co-creating user scenarios around the use of innovative digital solutions to address the personas’ needs. You will be involved in selecting “priority” user scenarios with high impact and potential for large-scale deployment.

The workshop will also feature DHE work on developing use cases around the use of health data for research, disease prevention, personalised health and care.

During the workshop, Blueprint scenarios will be explored from a DHE perspective and further developed to align with the three EC COM(2018)233 priorities on citizens access, better data for use in research, and digital tools for citizens’/persons’ empowerment. DHE use cases and criteria for their prioritisation will be discussed. DHE partners will help refine the Blueprint scenarios from the viewpoint of patients, health and care professionals, public health decision makers, ICT providers and other key stakeholders.

Download: Workshop Report


9:00 – 9:30



9:30 - 9:45

Welcome and introduction

Objectives of the workshop

Introduction to Blueprint and DHE

Henrique Martins (SPMS)

Veli Stroetmann (empirica)

9:45 - 10:45

Presentation of Blueprint personas

Veli Stroetmann (empirica)

George Dafoulas (eTrikala/DCCG),
Diane Whitehouse (EHTEL), Guido
Iaccarino (FOUND), Elisio Costa

10:45 – 11:15

Coffee break


11:15 –12:15

DHE work on use cases for research,
personalised medicine and public health

Dipak Kalra, Zoi Kolitsi (EuroRec),
Denis Horgan (EAPM), Oliver Zobell
(FZJ), Claus Nielsen (OpenTeleHealth)

12:15 – 13:15



13:15 –14:00

Blueprint scenario approach

Christianne Lavin (empirica), George Dafoulas (eTrikala / DCCG), Strahil Birov (empirica)

14:00 – 15:30

Breakout session (1)

Room 1Blueprint scenarios 1 & 2

Room 2 – DHE use cases for priority 2: "Better data for research, personalised medicine and public health"

Group 1 & 2

Group 3

15:30 – 15:45



15:45 – 16:10

Coffee break


16:10 – 17:35

Breakout session (2)

Room 1Blueprint scenarios 3 & 4 (cont.

Room 2 – DHE approach to priority 1 “Citizen’s access and sharing of data” and
priority 3 “Patient- Health Professional interaction”

Group 1 & 2

Group 3

17:35 – 17:55



17:55 – 18:00




End of workshop