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Collaboration platform on digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care with a particular focus on the interaction between citizens and healthcare providers

What it is

The vision of this collaboration platform is to facilitate the development and wider use of digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care in Europe .

As a starting point, the platform will identify and analyse existing solutions and practices in this area, in order to learn from their experiences and develop targeted support in the form of assessment and funding support for stakeholders representing both the demand and supply sides of such solutions. New development and scaling up of tools will be facilitated by a dedicated twinning scheme, the results of which will help inform building blocks applied when scaling up person-centred care solutions.

The solutions the platform focuses on are those which enable a better interaction between citizens and healthcare providers. A methodology will be applied to analyse which of the identified solutions are the most useful in improving the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients.

The work will inform the development of two guides, a whitepaper and an empowerment roadmap, all focusing on how to boost active cooperation between patients and care providers, and how to scale up digital solutions that enable that cooperation.

Progress so far

The methodology for identifying the digital solutions and practices is currently being developed. A call for twinnings is expected to be launched in June 2019.

The project partners are currently ensuring strong engagement of relevant stakeholders. This activity is supported by the European Patient Forum (EPF) as lead partner, securing continuous collaboration with its 70+ member organisations across Europe. Engagement mechanisms like (online) consultations, workshops, and roundtables are currently being discussed.

What is next

The policy aspects of the platform are expected to be made public in May 2019. The European Health Forum Gastein (October 2019) and in the Congress on “Advancing meaningful patient involvement” (November 2019) organised by partner EPF in Brussels, will foster collaboration opportunities.